16.5m Trilogy XS Competition pole Elastic Rating 0 to 16s

We are proud to offer you our Award Winning Flagship pole of the TRILOGY XS COMPETITION.  This pole has been so warmly received by the Angling Press and Publications, but also by you, the Angler on the bank.
The winning of the award we consider to be a Fantastic accolade, but it was even more appreciated because it came from the anglers themselves. We always thought this product was right, and have the public to agree with us is most pleasing.

The design and technology, coupled with such an advanced Carbon Cloth, gives this pole and the others in the XS Range qualities that have only ever been dreamed about in the past. Qualities that all other manufacturers can only wish to achieve.

The special cloth, which only Tri-Cast has access to, is almost self binding, and therefore uses less resin in its manufacture. This quality gives a result of making the pole, Lighter, Stiffer, More Responsive on the strike, and having complete Outstanding Balance. Add on top of these qualities Tri-Cast renowned Strength and it is easy to see why this pole is not only a Superior Pole, but it is an Award Winning pole.

The pole comes as standard at 16.5mtrs and allows the angler to fish at a full 16mtrs when the Flick Tip is removed.

Super Reinforced Joints, Anti Friction Slide Finish on all sections, with reinforced areas on all Top Kit sections, plus a massive spares package gives the angler everything he has asked for, and more.  We even supply this pole in the most deluxe quality pole holdall even seen. Not only does the pole come in individual tubes , but each and every spare kit has its own tube.  When we produce the best pole on the market, we firmly believe it should come well protected and in the best holdall as well.

For the discerning Match Angler who requires and rightly demands the best , we believe that the TRILOGY XS COMPETITION is the complete and ultimate package.

The TRILOGY XS COMPETITION weighs a mere 580 grms at 11mtrs.

Spares Package...

Match Top 3 in the pole
1 x Spare Match Top 4 Kit 0 to 12s Elastic
3 x Spare Match Top 3 Kits 0 to 12s Elastic
3 x Big Bore Power Top 2 Kits 8 to 16s Elastic.
1 x 80cm Mini Butt Extension
1 x Xtra Stiff Top 2 Cupping Kit
2 x Cups 1 Large and 1 Small
1 x Anglers Towel
1 x Special Super Deluxe Pole Holdall ( complete with 11 tubes )

Plus....A Free Promotional Voucher which entitles the angler to receive either an extra Match Top 3 kit , or a Big Bore Power Top 2 Kit.

Model Ref. Length (m) Wgt (gms) Rec. Elastics< RRP< SSP
P-TC-11-165 16.5M 1280 0-16s £3,149.99 £2,149.99
TC-EXTEN 1.70m £499.99 £399.99
P-TC-9-140 14.0m 980 0-16s<
P-TC-8-125 12.5m 740 0-16s
P-TC-7-110 11.0m 580 0-16s
TC-BB-T2 Big Bore Top 2 8-16s £114.99 £89.99
TC-K3-M Match Top 3 0-12s £149.99 £109.99
TC-K4-M Match Top 4 0-12s £199.99 £169.99
TC-I-3 INTEREX No 3 £69.99 £59.99

Spare Section Prices

Model Ref Description / Specification SSP
TC-FT Flick tip £22.99
TC-BBT Big Bore Tip £42.99
TC-1 No 1 Section £39.99
TC-2  No 2 Section £54.99
TC-3  No 3 Section £64.99
TC-4 No 4 Section £99.99