Spare Quiver / Feeder Tips


We produce such a lot of feeder rods and to our very high specification that we must also supply rods with the correct tips etc.

From Glass fibre push over tips, Carbon push in tips, Glass Swing tip Adaptors, we make them all. The tips are all colour coded for ease of recognition and strength. Tips for every situation. There is also the added option for some tips to be supplied with larger centred eyes, for use with large Shock Leaders; these use the same colour identification plus a gold band.

Not all the tips are interchangeable. Please consult the chart or the company directly should you require any advice or direction on which tips are interchangeable.

Feeder Tip Colour Code references and (Test Curve oz / gm).

Tip Type / Fitting Colour reference and Test Curve in (oz / gm ) R.R.P. S.S.P.
Swingip + Rubber:- BLUE (soft) / RED (medium) / GREY (stiff) £19.99 £17.99
Glass Fibre (push on ):- Beige (B) (½oz / 14gm) / Yellow (Y) (1oz/ 28gm) / Purple (P) (1½ oz/ 42gm) / Silver (Si) (2 oz 56 gm) / Swingtip Adaptor Section 8 inches long. £27.99 £22.99
Carbon Fibre Small Diamater (push in):- Ruby ( R ) (1¾ oz/ 50gm) / Green (G) (2oz/ 56gm) / Black (B) (3oz/85gm) £31.25 £26.99
Carbon Fibre Large Diamater (push in):- Orange (O) ( 2½ oz/ 70gm) / Blue (Bl) ( 3½ oz/ 100gm) / Brown (Br) (4oz / 115gm) £33.99 £27.99
** Carbon Fibre Large Diamter
With Gold Band(push in):
Orange (Og) / Blue (Blg) / Brown (Brg) £36.99 £28.99
Trilogy Commercial Carbon
Fibre Push In With Blue Band:
Yellow (Ybl) 1oz/28 grm Light / Green (Gbl) 1.5oz/42 grm Medium / Red (Rbl) 2oz/56 grm Heavy £27.99 £22.99

** These Carbon Push in Tips with a Large Diameter have larger guides than the normal Quiver Tips.
This allows the angler to use Shock leaders for distance casting.