Ultra Light 4 x 4 Feeder Rod

Back by great demand, but a much improved version of the original 4 x4 Rod. One of our biggest selling rods of all time has now undergone major improvements. The original rod is over 12 years old and has often been copied but never bettered. That is until now. Developments in materials, and tackle technology over the past few years as well as now our new production process means that we have improved this rod beyond all recognition.
This Ultra Slim blank rod has two tip carriers and 5 interchangeable tips plus an extension so you fish at either 11ft 6 or 13ft without breaking down, which means that you can cope with any method and any venue. For those anglers who use shock leaders on the heavier tips with this rod you can request those are supplied with larger centred guides. Please consult the office for further information.

To summarise this rod does it all.

Model Ref. Length (m) TIPS (ID) C/W OR (L/R) SSP
R-ULF-11-13 U /LIGHT 4x4Feeder 11/6-13ft (3.51-3.96m) 5 off (Y/P/R/G/B) 100gm (0-6lb) £289.99