Excellence Whip - 8m


To run alongside our flagship pole, the EXCELLENCE 980, we have now introduced the very latest and most technically advanced and designed 8mtr Whip.

Designed for speed fishing and small silver fish such as Roach, Dace, Perch and Skimmers etc, this is a fabulous whip to use at any length. Fabulous light whip and is a perfect tool for swinging small fish to hand building a good weight up in a short space of time. Made from the very highest grade of Carbon material and Ultra-Light Resins as used in the 980 Pole, it has been built with strength and Finesse combined.

The whip has a lovely soft through action with a very responsive tip to aid in hitting very fast sharp bites. Powerful strength in the middle sections combined with a lovely tip action has proven to be the very best combination. Equally at home on Lakes , Canals or Rivers , this Whip is the very best for the angler who loves their whip fishing.

The standard length of the whip is 8mtrs but there is the option to extend it to 9mtrs with a 1mtr extension. The whip has a telescopic top 3 sections and the rest is take apart. You get a flick tip within the whip and then two spare top 3 kits which have hollow tip sections for taking elastics.

The maximum elastic rating of this whip is a 10s elastic.