Trophy Dutch Feeder Rods

For the 2008/9 season we are launching to the UK market place, 2 Heavy Feeder Rods are the Ultimate Heavy Feeder rod Technology. These rods are proven products to our European customers who have been using them exclusively on their big rivers and still waters.

These rods are perfect when you need a really heavy feeder rod, which will cast those very large and heavy feeders, as well as casting them long way. These rods have deceptive power throughout; give you the backbone you need, considerable power to aid you in distance casting and line pickup. You will not find a better tool for the job.

The 13ft TROPHY TRIUNE This has been the biggest selling feeder rod in Holland for many years and is now available in the UK. To run alongside the Triune Rod we have just launched the 14ft TROPHY DUTCH FEEDER, similar in action to the Triune, but a longer rod to give even greater casting capabilities.
Both of these rods come with 3 interchangeable tips, which cope with ease any heavy feeder work you care to put them through. There is also the facility for these rods to include the larger centred guides on some of the detachable tips for those large shock leaders you sometimes may like to fish.
These are not just perfect rods for use in European waters, but are equally very useful in Ireland on their rivers and locks also in the UK, for fishing big feeders on our fast flowing large rivers.

Model Ref. Length (m) TIPS (ID) C/W OR (L/R) SSP
R-TFTR TRIUNE - 13ft (3.96m) 3 off (Og/Bgl/Brg) 150gm (2-6lb) £284.99
R-TDF-140 DUTCH - 14ft (4.22m) 3 off (Og/Blg/Brg) 150gms (2-6lb) £294.99